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C&J PICKS | Cooney and Jones



Barbara’s Picks

Sinus Blast

Dr. Oz said it so it must be true!   If you can stand the burn it really does work.

Geico Insurance

Because when you have six people under one policy and a house full of teenagers you need great insurance.

DIY Network

It is the only channel that I can be assured there is no bad language, rude behavior, porn, absurdity or anything else that you can imagine on every other channel on television.

realtor.com app


I have been house hunting and this app is more accurate and up to date than most websit


Jennifer’s Picks

Dana’s Bakery

Trick or Treat!!!!!  These adorable and very tasty macarons are available in NY or can be shipped all over the US!  How cute would these be for your Halloween Party!

Mateo’s Salsa

A friend of mine bought this for my family from Costco and now I am making more and more trips there because they can’t get enough!  Hands down the best salsa ever!!!!

Story Paintings by Amy Grimes


A very dear friend of mine is an amazing artist…She is always telling stories with her work.  You will find them thought provoking yet whimsical at the same time!  I love them all!!!


I am totally obsessed with this game…Every night as I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I play it.  It is a spin off of Trivia and moves fast keeping you on your toes.  Maybe that is why I never get to sleep at a decent hour….oh well, I love it!



Barbara’s Picks

Table fire Gel Fuel

Boys love to play with fire. I like this for Fathers Day.

Otter Box


I have a son graduating. Someone gave him an otter box and it has, by far, been his favorite gift.

Booster Cables

I gave all my son’s graduating friends jumper cables for their gift.   The guys seem to love them and they are more useful than that stationary they are not compelled to use to often.

Juka Tribe

This album by a friend of mine is just good stuff.   It grows on you the more you listen.  I can’t tell you the genre or type of music because it’s an eclectic mix of every music ever produced. You just have to listen for yourself.

Jennifer’s Picks

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio  is the coolest app and C&J can now be found there!!!   You can listen talk radio shows, live radio and podcasts.  You name it, they have it.

Download the app by clicking this link, {Stitcher},  put in promo code cooneyandjones and follow the directions.  You will have a chance to win $100 not to mention get to listen to some very cool shows anywhere!!!

Briget & Lucy

I came across this site and even though my daughter is way too old to wear theseI fell in love with these cute skirts!




The NEW Polaroid, ZINK /zero ink Technology is so cool…including commercial, consumers and home photo printers.  They also have digital cameras with built-in ZINK printers, and  printers for work in the field.  I am a avid photographer and honestly haven’t tried all of them but can’t wait!



I am totally addicted to TCBY!  Love the vanilla and white chocolate moose my husband is a chocolate fan and my son loves any flavor with sprinkles!!!



Barbara’s Picks

Shalla Wista

Shalla Wista jewelry is affordable and unique. Something for moms of of all ages.

Flappin’ Jack Pancake Mix

Make mom breakfast in bed. This mix at William Sonoma is too die for!

Humming Bird Feeders


How cute are these? Little hummingbird feeders. I am nuts about hummingbirds but not crazy about those plastic feeders that attract my little friends. Your mom will say “AHHH, how cute!”

Smart Phone Skins

iphone skins are always a good gift idea for moms with smart phones.

Jennifer’s Picks

Custom silhouette necklace

This is a terrific gift for any mother…Love the different sizes!

Spa Finder

Let’s face it…what mom wouldn’t want the day off to be totally pampered.  Spa Finder will help you no matter where you live to find just the right place.  Gift Cards available immediately!

Farmaesthetic New & Nursing Mothers

This is absolutely one of my favorite companies for skin care anything you buy here is amazing.  Don’t forget the new moms with this New & Nursing Mothers gift box.

Real Simple


Real Simple Magazine offers some yummy recipes for you guys to make that special woman on Mothers Day!


Barbara’s Picks

Barney Butter

I am always looking for something to curb my appetite because I have absolutely no willpower when I’m hungry.  Barney’s has a smoother, sweeter taste than the others I have tried.


I have never picked a television show in our weekly picks but I can’t help myself with this new show on NBC. It’s a show about a Broadway show in the making. LOVE it!!!



Bar 111 is a line of clothes at Macy’s that my girls are hooked on right now. If you have a tweenager you know how hard they are to fit. They don’t want the little girls clothes anymore but they are too small to fit in the big girl department.  Bar 111 carries XS sizes that fit that petite girl. Adorable, age appropriate pieces for ages 11-18.


I know I keep touting this Fekkai hair product, but the coiff really does give your hair that “piecey” look. (is that a word)

Jennifer’s Picks

Walleka Ecocicc


This is such a cool line of handbags, apparel and accessories.  I love that it is environmentally friendly too!  Check them out!



I totally love scarves and found this line.  They are perfect even in the summer!

Waxwing Jewelery

With Mother’s day right around the corner I found these and think they are an absolutely lovely idea for any mom!

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars


This is the cutest brand for girls!  They look terrific and sound amazing!  I love the fact that they are now designing fun inspired guitars for girls too!



Barbara’s Picks

Pirates Booty

Great when you want a salty craving.  Only 130 calories!

Topsy Turvy

We’ve already planted ours and it grows and inch a day.

Sticky Fingers

These are terrific!  I like the Carolina Sauce best.


I have to admit that I love this bright glitter polish my girls are wearing. It’s not for an old lady like me, but I think it’s fun for teenage girls.

Jennifer’s Picks

Stacy Claire Boyd

If your planning a wedding this is the way to go!  Stacy Claire Boyd is now doing custom calligraphy!  These invitations are absolutely amazing!

Dolce Vita

I love these!!!  They just scream spring and fun to me!!!

Spliced by Appy Couple

This app a full feature way to share your engagement and wedding!  I love it!

Grammy Foundation


This is an amazing organization that I found!  As most of you know by now I am a huge advocate for music in the schools and The Grammy Foundation helps kids and schools.  They also have some unbelievable camps that they offer that allow students to be totally immersed in the music world! Check them out!!!



Barbara’s Picks

Dreams Resort and Spa


My family and I just returned from this resort in Tulum, Mexico for spring break. I have to say, I had managed my expectations because I was skeptical about an all inclusive resort. It was so fabulous! Great food, new rooms and fantastic entertainment.
Just make sure you ask for a beach front room.


Avon Advanced Technique Frizz Control. My 16 year old daughter has long wavy hair. She can’t live without this product.   She says it keeps her hair healthy and shiny.

The Hunger Games

Ok, so me and the rest of the world are “picking” Hunger Games. ….but it is riveting.


I can’t wait until these chocolate eggs hit the shelves for Easter. I can eat an entire bag in one sitting and then feel so sick I don’t want another one again until next Easter or maybe the next day.

Jennifer’s Picks

Frozen Planet



I can’t tell you enough how much I have love this amazing series…Frozen Planet is beyond spectacular!  Amazing footage, terrific information and well narrated,  the series has been wonderful for our entire family from Grandparents to my kids!  I highly recommend this amazing program and spend sometime on the website as well…you will find more surprises there.

rustichella d’abruzzo

A friend gave me this for Christmas and I made it with chicken cutlets and pasta…It was fabulous!  Try their pasta too…

Joy Mangano, {JM} Huggable Hangers

Amazing hangers that can squeeze all of my clothing into my closet and still keep them looking nice.  They are sturdy and my tops don’t fall off.  They make them for children and men and have tons of accessories.  I love them!


I am always trying new cleaning products and this one claims that if you soak your dishes over night…it will be an easy clean in the morning!  OH MY,  it definitely works…I soaked pots with pasta, sauce and baking dishes over night.  They normally would have taken me a while to scrub clean but I literally rinsed them out and they were done!   Amazing!



Barbara’s Picks


We have 3 inches of pollen all over and Zyrtec is the only thing that is saving my life right now!!!  I love the spring…Hate the pollen!

Papa Johns Cinnamon Dessert

We ordered pizza the other night and got this as a dessert and the kids just loved it!  What a treat!!!

Bathing Suite Coverups


With spring break just around the corner it is time to get the kids some new bathing suites.  I found these very cute cover ups at Target!  They have all types of styles and colors your kids will love…Mom too!


I absolutely love this product and have it in my house all the time!  No fragrance, parabens, dyes or other chemicals.  This company makes the absolute best products. For my allergy and skin irritating sufferers in my home…it is a blessing!

Jennifer’s Picks

Jordan Alexander Jewelery

This company/ designs are created by someone I know and I have to say her work has always been amazing but she has simply outdone herself this time!  The prices are definitely high end but worth every cent!!!  Every single design she makes seems to be better than the next!  Kudos to this amazing jewelery line.

Clara French

These amazing and unique ceramic cake stands are fabulous!  They are perfect for any gift and even if you want to buy yourself something special!

Gibson Lane Studio-Silhouettes

I love silhouettes of kids, brides and maternity and these are especially adorable!  How cute they are on fun and different back drops!

The Twinery

I love wrapping packages and this is a fun way to do something a little different!  I love wrapping them around plain khaki paper.



Barbara’s Picks

Who Knew?

I am a sucker for an infomercial sometimes.   This guy who writes these books had me hooked at five this morning.  Besides the recipes, he writes books on household and money saving tips.

Naturally More

I do like the old fashioned Skippy for a PB&J but this natural, more healthy choice is great in protein shakes.

First Note Music Hall

If you are making plans to head to northern florida for spring break check out the First Note Music Hall. It is family friendly and you will be blown away by the talent at this place! I was there is the fall and will make a trip back to the beach just to visit First Note. Buy your tickets early….they WILL sell out. And take your kids if they are old enough to appreciate these unbelievably talented musicians.

Cafe Press

I am still laughing……and if you aren’t then you are in a bad mood or don’t have a sense of humor.   You can buy this hilarious chocolate bunny at cafepress.com.   Or….you can just enjoy the humor and forget the shirt:)

Jennifer’s Picks

Fit Flop


I am so about ease and comfort.  These new styles from fit flop are adorable and always comfortable!  Can’t wait to start wearing them.


The absolute best for taking bath time!  This soothes me and makes my skin feel so soft.  I have used it for years and love it.

All Bran


I have been eating this for a few weeks and what a difference!  I like to mix them together…. Healthy and good!!!

Words with Friends

I have been a little under the weather lately and have started playing words with friends!!!  Oh my how addictive this is!  I love it!



Barbara’s Picks

Special K

It satisfies my sweet tooth on those nights I just can’t get through the day without something sweet to eat.  Way less calories and I get my sweet fix.

Strappy Sandles


You gotta love Target in the spring. They have a great selection of strappy sandals right now. I think you have to hit their spring apparel and shoes early in spring for girls or they run out. Such great value for summer shoes though if you get them early in the season.


I stumbled on this site and find it to be so helpful. It is not just a fashion blog or retail site but it actually shows you how to put together outfits that are within your budget and where to purchase each piece



Can you tell I have spring fever. Venus has some cute bathing suits that you can buy in separates. They also have bikini, one piece suites and coverups all with a  great fit!

Jennifer’s Picks

Bethany Lorelle

Cute, cute, cute for short or long hair!  I love these!!!

Gallant & Jones

My husbands grand parents had these and we inherited them…I absolutely love them and am so thrilled that they are making them again!  Definitely not cheap but I have no doubt they will last…

Paper Source

I love this company!  They have great…well….everything!  Check out these cool wrapping papers.

Pet Ramp

When our dog was aging we built a ramp for her…this ramp makes it so much easier for dogs to go in and out of homes and cars.


Barbara’s Picks

Alabama Ballet presents Swan Lake

Do something smart and meaningful this weekend and see a classical ballet.  Alabama Ballets Swan Lake promises to be breathtaking!  I have seen the rehearsals and it is stunningly beautiful-from the principal dancers to the corps de ballet-wow!  Don’t miss it!

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

As I continue my Aveda binge… I am loving the volumizing tonic.  It smells de-vine and gives your hair a great lift.

We Talk Dog

I am as picky about my dog Lucy’s hair as I am my own hair.  I finally found a groomer at a new place called We Talk Dog.  Squeaky clean, nice folks and they provide other great services like boarding and training.

Vicks Vapor Rub

One of my kids just got over a miserable cold.  I was wading through my medicine cabinet for something that would help and came across the Vick’s Vapor rub.  It worked like a charm. I bet you already have some in your cabinet!  Just don’t forget to use it the next time you have one with the sniffles!


Jennifer’s Picks

Art of the Bead


New and fresh jewelery from these amazing designers…They have stuff from high end to every day.  You can never go wrong with ordering from Art of the Bead!


Choosey mothers choose Jif!  I have… We are a peanut butter family…on sandwiches, bananas, celery and crackers…  Something we have been eating for years and always will!

Tech Candy


How cute and fun are these from Tech Candy!!!  I love them…


We use this all the time…For cuts, scratches and scrapes.  It really does help things heal faster!



Barbara’s Picks

Car Gurus

I do NOT like looking for cars but if you don’t put in the time to research you will get ripped off. I found this site and it is easy to navigate and seems to have fair market values. It even gives you opinions on pricing.

Urban Outfitters

I like these cute high waisted color jeans my teenage daughter and her friends are wearing.  Glad to see those super low jeans going out of style. (no more showing your crack!)


Dawn ultra hand renewal has really helped my dry skin. I have eczema on my hands and this dish soap does help.


If my girls want to splurge on a leotard this is the brand.  Yumiko’s are beautiful, yet expensive. That being said, my girls wear them for years and they never lose their color or shape.

Jennifer’s Picks

Lindsay Olives


I am a total olive junkie and so is my family.  We have been buying Lindsay Olives for years and they are absolutely terrific!  Check out their site and see all the meals you can make with these you can’t go wrong.

Over-sized Ruler Growth Chart

For years we used our basement wall and then we moved….This is definitely the way we should go now!  Adorable in the kitchen and still tracking the kids growth.

Caroline’s Cakes

I know it has a {few} calories but I discovered this cake YEARS ago and it is amazing…She ships all over and trust me, they are definitely worth ordering one for your next get together!


After I have cleaned my granite this is the best polish around!  It makes your kitchen look totally new and smells amazing!



Barbara’s Picks

The Chocolate Block

I am not a wine expert, snob or connoisseur but I know that I love this wine. It’s not just tasty with chocolate, it seems to pair with just about any dish.

Nectar Clothing

My teenage daughter loves this site.  I love this site too because of the prices!

Jo Malone

Oh such a splurge, but oh, so worth it. I am not a fragrance freak but Jo Malone is the one and only fragrance I love. And the body creme…..to die for! Tell your sweetie-pie to splurge on you for V-day!


Nappytabs sweats! My younger daughter loves them. They are all the rage at her dance studio.

Jennifer’s Picks


I am totally obsessed with Pinterest!  I love, love, love it and every day seem to be adding more boards!  I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.  It is definitely something that everyone should try!


I love these iphone basket weave cases…they are so different and elegant.  It will never be mixed up with my teens phone again!

Paperless Post

There is still time to remember that special someone without running to the store or post office…Paperless Post has been one of my favorites for sending customized cards!

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

I am definitely a coffee drinker in the am but lately I have been drinking a ton of tea…Earl Grey and loving every minute of it.  Just add a bit of sweetener and milk and I am good to go!



Barbara’s Picks

Howards “Orange Oil” Polish with Beeswax

I have used this on all my wooden furniture for years. All that stuff that claims to be multi-surface doesn’t work. Sometimes you gotta go with the old fashioned furniture polish/wax.

Personalized Gifts

I love valentines day! I think mostly because my second child was born on V-Day:)  These personalized m&m’s are so fun, but order early, they take at least a week to get to you.


When was the last time you made that old fashioned rotel dip?   It’s kind of hard to beat when you are watching a football game. Throw some velveeta and rotel in your crock pot for the Super Bowl and you’ll remember why you loved queso dip so much.

Odor Eliminator

These rocks keep your basement fresh and it is reusable.  They are rocks that absorb the smell. You can throw them outside in the sun for a few hours and then reuse them. They really work!


Jennifer’s Picks

An Angel by Your Side

A few years ago my mother gave me this beautiful and inspirational {thought for the day} calendar.  I have used it over and over and love it more every year.  It just has dates the year is never displayed…February 2nd is always February 2nd so you can use it again…

Luna Wrap Bracelet, by Stella & Dot

I love this company and love this bracelet!  Layering bracelets is a fun way to give you different looks…this one gets you started!

Gjetost Cheese

This is one of my favorite cheeses.  I had it years ago at my cousins and have loved it ever since.  It is a goat cheese but has a caramel {like} full flavor.  I know that sounds weird but I love it!  Great with soups on a cold winter night…

Suave Professional Series

I am always trying new shampoo’s and this one is terrific!  I use the color protection and the rest of my family uses the volumizing… I love it!!!




Barbara’s Picks

Swiss Vervaine Melange Herbal Tea

This tea smells so good you could use it as potpourri!  And it taste even better. It is wayyyy pricey but i purchased a canister over a year ago and I am still enjoying it. The swiss vervaine melange is my fav!

Earthborn Pottery

I have collected pieces of Earthborn pottery over the years and I never get tired of it. I first saw it at the Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama and fell in love. Now the potter sells online and every piece is unique and beautiful.

Kellogg’s  Eggo Waffles

We burned out on frozen waffles in our house for a little while which was unfortunate for me because frozen waffles are such a quick fix for breakfast in our house. Now we have renew interest in waffles with the new and improved fluffy eggo waffle. They are much tastier, don’t taste frozen and don’t burn like the old ones in the toaster.


I am on an Aveda craze. The color conserve has kept me out of the salon two extra weeks before getting my roots done.

Jennifer’s Picks


Oh my…we eat these like crazy! Every breakfast, lunch and snack,  you will find someone in my family with a bowl just eating this delicious fruit!  Good for you and amazingly tasty!

Rice Select, Texmati Rice


I know the world is going {carb free} but my family still likes rice sometimes.  I have to say that this brand is terrific!  A lot of times things will go bad in the pantry but not with Texmati…the containers are as good as the rice!

DW Drums

There is nothing else that gives my son more pleasure and happiness then playing his drums.  He loves every minute!  DW  manufactures an amazing instrument for any drummer out there!

Caldrea Hand Lotion

Great hand lotion that I keep by my kitchen sink.  I love the {Herbs of Provence}, it smells fab and always helps those dishpan hands!




Barbara’s Picks


We are big sandwich eaters in my house. If you follow our picks you know how we went through a “panini” phase in our house. Well, we are burnt out on those and are now hooked on sub sandwiches.  This Beano’s dressing really does make the difference between a pretty good sandwich and YUUMMMMYYYY!

Dr. Sholls Expressions

I really don’t like heels. In fact, I really do hate them. …..but if I am forced to put on a pair of pumps these inserts make it more bearable.  I like these best because they don’t make your feel sweat like some of the gel insoles.


I really like this frozen pizza! We add a little fresh cheese and pepperonis to jazz it up but it makes desperation dinner wonderful!

Sage Gala Apples

This seems like a strange pick but I am hooked on these Sage gala apples.   They are a Washington apple that taste like candy. You can find them in the produce section. My youngest daughter loves fruit thanks to the gala apple.   I am not sure if it’s just Sage gala apples or all gala apples that are so tasty but I always look for the Sage logo….I think they may be sweeter.


Jennifer’s Picks

Floor Pouf’s by West Elm


Pouf!!!  They are back… What a fun thing to have in your home, casual sitting, dining and all around hanging out!

4 Moms, Origami


If I were going to have another baby this is a product I would definitely get!!!  Amazing stroller designed by 4 Moms…Power folding, built in sensors, built in generator, lights, amazing suspension and a LCD screen.  Every bell and whistle you can think of and definitely convenient to handle!  Amazing job by 4 Moms!

The Beauty Department

I have long hair…probably too long but I am always looking for new ways to do my hair.  The Beauty Department website has great ideas and gives you step by step instructions as to what and how to do it!  Now I will definitely do this do the next time I go out!

Quaker Oats

There is nothing like a warm breakfast and this winter my family has gone back to Quaker Oats.  My son loves the peaches and cream and me…well I add some sweeter, {just a bit} and cinnamon.  Sometimes just a banana and my day begins.  This kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and {instantly} I have that comfort food feeling!



Barbara’s Picks

Pure Sleep

My husband would not appreciate me telling you this, but he has snored like a freight train for 20 years!  I think the reason I have not died of sleep deprivation is because he travels.   A friend suggested we try Pure Sleep and after the first night it worked! Yep, it worked! He is going through an adjustment period with it but he is getting used to it.   It’s not the most attractive device. It makes him look like Hannible Lecter, but at least I am sleeping!

J.Crew Shoe Laces


So my daughter had Nike Free’s at the top of her Christmas list. She loved her new kicks until she returned to school and found that so many of her friends had the same pair of shoes.  What a bummer! We bought her a bright pair of shoe laces for a few bucks and it was a completely new and UNIQUE pair. It’s a great way to freshen up those expensive sneakers.

New Balance Sneaker Balls

It’s true, a boys gym bag is stinky. But have you ever smelled a girls dance bag with pointe shoes? Whoa! Now that rivals any gym bag. In comes the sneaker ball. It neutralizes the odor without a perfume or sweet smell. They don’t last too long for the cost but they do work.

Temple Run App


My kids put these apps on my iphone and I find out that I am the one that is addicted to them.   It seems I spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting for the kids, at the doctor, in line.  Time flies when you are on the “run”


Jennifer’s Picks

Melograno in terracotta

I received this as a  Christmas gift!  A pomegranate handcrafted in terracotta. It is soaked in the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Melograno fragrance. The fragrance is released slowly in the air. I love this, it smells amazing!  {Amo questo, odoro stupefacente}!

Hanging with Friends

I have had the best time with this game…My teenager turned me onto it and now I can’t put it down!

Fit Flop

I got these ooohhh sooooo comfortable shoes for Christmas, put them on and haven’t taken them off yet!  I love them!

Double Groove Tungsten Wedding Band

My husband used to wear a gold wedding band.  When it got too tight he put it on his pinky and surprise, surprise it fell off.  So for Christmas I replaced it with this cool Tungston band.  The metal bands are so durable and really hot right now.  Prices are a lot better than other materials…but don’t tell him that!



We hope to help you with shopping ideas. Some of the companies we picked are offering C&J listeners/followers amazing deals for the Holidays!!!  You can link directly to them by clicking on the company name but make sure you read the promo code information!

These will be our last picks until after Christmas so ENJOY!!!

Obrien Schridde Designs

These are some of the best frames I have ever bought!  They are terrific for gifts!  Buy a few for yourself while your at it you will love them!

*** Today until December 15th, they will be offering an exclusive discount to C&J listeners!  25% off Retail Pricing…Plug in the code candjradio


This is the cutest idea I have seen in a long time!!!  Cheeriodicales are great for Holiday’s, Weddings, baby showers, and even fabulous for corporate gifts!   Magazines and/or subscriptions along with customized gifts in a beautiful gift box shipped anywhere!  This is the perfect gift for anyone and will definitely order a ton of these for the holidays!

***Cheeriodical’s is  happy to offer a 10% discount for C&J listeners/followers through December 31, 2011.  The promo code is “radio100″.   The discount may not be combined with any other discount or promotional offer or applied to subscriptions.

Knitting, with In the Making

For all of you folks out there that want to make something special…I love this cool scarf! Rowan Kidsilk creation, Super Kid Mohair: 70%, Silk: 30%

***In the making will be offering a 10% discount on their entire order for all C&J listeners/followers.  Offer good through 12/31/2011.  Make sure you use pass code RADIO at check out!


Barbara and I discovered this in NY and I  have to say it is amazing!  I have ordered it over and over and my hands, feet face….well they all feel and smell great!  When you receive it you think someone has just sent you a gift!  Great for holiday’s or a little something just for yourself!

***Free shipping for Friday and Saturday,{December 9th and 10th}!  Use promo code HAPPYHOLIDAYS.

Stacy Claire Boyd

Holiday cards, gift tags, calendars and note pads…and so adorable!  I have ordered these for years and the quality they use is amazing!

***Stacy is offering a 20% discount to C&J listeners/followers, on any item from her site from now until December 24th!  Make sure you put in promo code RADIO20

J&M Foods

We love this company!!!  From cookies to cheese straws the food is amazing.  They also have custom {gift tins} for corporations!

***They will be offering a 10%discount on all orders to all C&J listeners/followers until December 25th.  Make sure you plug in the code RADIO.


Stocking Stuffers


This makes me smile….What more can I say!


This is a cute little “sumpin’” for that person on your list who may be in need of a little “sumpin” .


These are just adorable and a perfect gift for a teen!  Listen to your tunes and keep warm with these brightly colored, crocheted headphones. Handmade by artist Traci Medeiros-Bagan, these might just look like ear muffs, but they are also funky and functional headphones.  They are also available in red and cute headphones with animal like ears!

Red Envelope-Handmade Peppermint Bark

OH MY GOODNESS!!!  How good is this?  Every year I buy this for someone in my family and they love it!  What a sweet treat!

Nest Candles

Hands down the best holiday scent ever!  I buy them as gifts and for myself every year!!!

Bucky Cubes

My son had so much fun with Bucky Balls that I know he will love the cubes too!  They are totally addictive!


Great news for C&J Listeners!!!Instead of Thursday we will be doing something a little different!  We will be sharing our {12} picks of the Holidays on  December 8th.  The great thing is a  lot of these companies have agreed to give amazing discounts to ALL C&J listeners/ followers!  These will be great deals for everyone on your shopping list!

Stay Tuned!!!


Barbara’s Picks


I discovered this website before thanksgiving. Every recipe seems like a hit.  I love to see pictures of food before I made it. Go “gawking” on this site and cook up something yummy.

Derm Caps

I have a lab. He sheds 10 pounds of hair a day! Ok, so I may be exaggerating, but if you have a lab, you know what I mean. My vet recommended this supplement and it does cut down on the shedding. He won’t eat it without food so i have to remember to give it to him in his food.

Fiber Optic Color-changing Plastic Christmas Bows

I have ordered some of these cute fiber optic  bows for my Christmas gifts.  I have to buy a few “secret santa” gifts and no one will be able to resist my gift with a bow on it that lights up!

J&M Foods

These key lime cookies are addicting.  A neighbor gave me some last Christmas and I have craved them since last year.  They are tangy, crunchy and to die for!

Jennifer’s Picks

Sof Sole

OK, I ate way too much pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving so the walking had to begin!!!  The problem is, I have always had pinching on the ball of my foot by my middle toe.  Problem solved…I went to Finish Line and they were terrific.  They recommended the Sof Sole, Maximum Air Cushioning for High Impact Activities and I have to say they are like walking on air!

SoftHeat Plus Moist/Dry Heating Pad


I have had a totally bad shoulder for a while now {this has nothing to do with my new walking routine}…So I have been using this heating pad to sleep with.  For some reason it really makes me more comfortable at night.

Red Laser

I love this app!  Scan an item and it can check prices, find stores nearby. If your not ready to buy an item yet it will store the information for you till you are!  It can also check things such as food allergens and nutritional information in the market…  Does it get any better than this?



A few weeks ago one of our contributing editors submitted an article about sweeteners!  YIKES I read it and it scared me to death…I am definitely a convert!  I now use both Agave Nectar by MadHava and Organic Raw Blue Agave by Wholesome Sweeteners in all my drinks and honestly I love it in my coffee!  Thanks Christine for the info!



Barbara’s Picks

Wrigley, Extra Dessert Delights

You know when you just have to have something sweet? It doesn’t matter how well you have done on your diet, you just have to have something sweet! This gum tames my sweet tooth and it really does taste like ice cream.   I don’t love the strawberry sundae as much but Mint Chocolate Chip…..yum!

Priester’s Pecans

Gotta have nuts on Thanksgiving!  (And I am not talking about the in-laws)   I love Priesters Pecans, they really are nuttier and fresher than the bland nuts in your supermarket.

Midnight Fudge Fantasy Cake

The midnight fudge fantasy cake at Publix market is better than homemade.  I like to cook on holidays but I don’t really like to bake. Why do I need to when there is still fantasy cake in the world of desserts.

Homelite Blower

Ladies….go ahead and just buy yourself a leaf blower. It’s so liberating to blow the leafs off my back porch everyday with my little lightweight plug in Homlite blower.  I have had this blower for six years and it never fails me.  Unlike the gas blower, you don’t have to rip your arm out of the socket to start it.

Jennifer’s Picks

Publix Turkey

Being the daughter of a Gourmet Butcher I have had some of the best Turkey’s ever…Having said that…Publix Brand Turkey’s, fresh or frozen hands down have been the best I have ever made.  Every year they turn out amazing without fail!!!

Marinade them at least 24 hrs before with:  Paprika, fresh garlic, salt pepper, and fresh oranges.  Make a paste and spread it all over the turkey and stuff it with the extra oranges.  Thoroughly rinse in the morning  inside and out and proceed stuffing and baking…

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

My Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without watching the Macy’s Day Parade.  In my 20′s I used to live on the street in NYC where they blew up the balloons, my last year living there it was snowing.  How magical, then and now!  Catch it on NBC 9am-noon {all time zones}.


Want great gravy with no lumps???  This is my perfect {secret} ingredient and works every time!

Easy Spirit, Getupandgo   

After a very full lunch/dinner, get outside and take a long walk.  I have a pair of easy spirit shoes.  Love them, they are  light, comfy and easy on my heels… Now I am going to buy these sneakers…They are priced great too!


Barbara’s Picks

Christmas Tree Salt and Pepper Shakers

These are such a fun gift for that person on your list who has everything.  I don’t bake for my neighbors and friends on my list so I end up getting a “happy” like these cute salt and pepper shakers.


I have used this company since my kids school recommended them six years ago.  Now they make the process so easy with digital capabilities.  They are the best in the ID business!


My husband travels every week.   He eats out just about every night of the week and has become a big restaurant expert or snob, depending on how you look at it.   There are tons of sites out there on restaurant reviews but he seems to like urban spoon the best. It’s user friendly and seems to be more accurate than the others.

10 Minute Trainer

Tony has done it again. I have been doing P90X off and on for three years but honestly, the sessions are too long and I only used them when I couldn’t get to the gym. I saw an advertisement for 10 minute trainer. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought 1 1/2 hours was too long for a yoga session…..hence ….the 10 minute trainer.   If we could all just look like Tony!!

Jennifer’s Picks

West Side Story

For those of you that know me, this pick will not come as a surprise!  I love musicals and can’t believe that it is the 50th Anniversary of West Side Story.   Blue-ray has just released an anniversary edition!  What a great movie and a great deal!!

Blurb- Facebook

OK for all you FB lovers out there!!!  Blurb is a great company that allows you to make books.  With just a few clicks, Blurb puts your favorite Facebook pictures into a fantastic little photo book. They automatically enhance your photos for printing and arrange your comments on the page.  The books are available in {7×7 inch} and start at just $10.95 for a 20-page softcover. What a fun gift they will make!

Zazzzle Photo Stamps

Can you say fun and easy!!!  I love these…take your favorite photo up load it, customize your design  and your stamps will be complete and ready to ship!  What a great way to finish off a holiday card or invitation! They make great grandparent gifts too!

Whole Foods, Cranberry Nut Bread

I absolutely love Whole Foods Bakery and especially the Cranberry Nut Bread!  Toast it or not it is absolutely delicious!


Barbara’s Picks
Nature’s Way, Astragalus Root

Maybe it is the placebo effect, but I think this herb boost my immune system.  My local compounding shop recommended astragalus root as an immune booster and I have been taking it for almost a year. I don’t get sick too much anyway but I haven’t had a sniffle since taking this.

Soft Lips

I get addicted to chap-stick in the fall. I have tried them all….some are too waxy and I am allergic to others.   I love softlips because it stays on isn’t too waxy.  If you have kids with chapped lips all winter go ahead and buy a case of it because you know most tubes end up in the  wash in their pocket.

Avon Nail Enamel

Avon nail enamel is my fav because it is not too thick and seems to chip less than the really expensive brands.   I love this color, night violet. It looks good on all skin tones and is great for fall.

Cajun Injector, Creole Butter Marinade

If you like Creole this is a great injector for Thanksgiving.  We used this last year and our turkey was yummy! I plan to inject Tom Turkey with the same marinade this year

Jennifer’s Picks
Tru Moo Milk

I bought this just to give it a try…WELL, I now can’t keep enough of {Tru Moo} in the house.  My son and husband are drinking it like there is no tomorrow!

Stacy Claire Boyd, Gift Tags

We all love, Love, LOVE to see what Oprah features as her {Favorite Things}. This year my dear friend Stacy,  owner of Stacy Claire Boyd  had her designs chosen by Oprah and Peter Walsh as one of Oprah’s {Favorite Things}!  The December issue of O Magazine  just came out this week and you can find Stacy’s gift tags on page {pg.88}.  I totally agree,  these tags are amazing!   Congrats to Stacy and great choice by Oprah and Peter!!!

Schick Xtreme 3 Razors

For the last week I was out of razors and had to use my husbands…YUCK I hated them and finally went to the store and bought my favorite Schick Xtreme 3!!!  No more stubble and soft legs again!  You really don’t know how much you miss these till you have to use something else!

American Eagle Outfitters

I have a very picky teenage son…He only likes certain jeans, certain shirts and certain sweaters… I have found some clothes that he loves from American Eagle.  Finally a home-run for mom at a great price!!!



Barbara’s Picks

Maybelline Great Lash

I have been a Revlon Voluminous girl for years and years but I saw and ad about Great Lash and decided to try it.   How often do you actually buy something after seeing an advertisement.  I have thin lashes (all 5 of them) and this really does fill them out without being clumpy.

Dale’s Seasoning

I can’t make a pork roast without it!!   I use it on hamburgers too but you can’t beat a roast in the crock pot with it.


I stumbled on this website last night and I’m hooked. Great, fabbo, cool, different stuff. At a price you can stomach.


These dance clothes are made by a dancer for dancers. My girls are the hit of their dance classes when they wear Benjamas. He has cool prints that you won’t find anywhere else.   Benjamas doesn’t have a website, but find him on Facebook and he will make your dancer happy!!

Jennifer’s Picks

P.S. by Things Remembered

I absolutely love these calendars!  I plan to buy them for each and every one of my family and friends for the holidays.  OOPS now you know what your getting…

Mexene Chili Powder

Every Fall signals the football season around here.  That also means one thing…it is Chili cookin time.  I have used Mexene Chili Powder for over 20 years and it makes just about the best chili ever!

i Heart Radio / Magic 96.5 FM

It doesn’t matter where you live…down load the i heart app to your computer/smart phone or ipad  and look for magic 96.5 and you can hear Holiday music 24/7….

Penguin Threads

These are absolutely spectacular!!!  They are three classic books {Emma, by Jane Austin, Black Beauty, by, Anna Sewell and The Secret Garden by, Frances Hodgson Burnett}. The amazing covers were designed and embroidered by Artist, Jillian Tamaki.  The covers designs on the front continue to the back to make them even more unique.  They are  now available at Anthropologie Stores.   I have also found them on Amazon. What better gift than a Penguin Classic with this amazing artful cover!


Barbara’s Picks

Mathieson Supplies

Now I can walk my dog, talk on the phone and drink coffee at the same time!  They even come in cute burlap gift bags.

Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

This absolutely works!  Might be a little more than other brands but does wonders for your nails.

Clic Sunglasses

How neat are these???  Magnetic eye wear that works!  Love them!


I can’t survive the cold winter without my UGGS!  Cozy and warm what a great combination.

Jennifer’s Picks

Eggland”s Best

Hands down the best eggs around.  Now they are proudly supporting the Susan G Koman foundation by marking each and every egg with their logo.  They are committed to help end breast cancer.  I love this!

Bobby Brown Mineral Make-Up

I am a huge Bobbie Brown fan and two weeks ago bought the new mineral make-up…I use it like a foundation and it feels so natural and looks terrific!


When I lived in DC and then NY I used to see musicians drumming on the bottom of garbage cans and buckets…well now you can see the art of creating music out of almost anything with STOMP!  This show is amazing and a must see!  Check for your local listings…you definitely won’t be sorry!


“STOMP” gone techno…Smule allows you to create music out of anything on your ipad or iphone.  It is unbelievably amazing!



Barbara’s Picks

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

I go back to this cleanser when the weather gets colder and my skin get dryer.   It is  so gentle and hydrates my skin.

Plackers, Micro Mint Flosser

I am one of these people who does actually floss everyday. i know you pay more for these little tools to floss but it is worth it so i don’t have to put my whole hand in my mouth.  This is the one floss that doesn’t break and trust me, I have tried every brand.

Little Miss Matched

I discovered Little Miss Matched last year. I have two girls who love socks….go figure.  They sell miss matched socks in threes, not pairs. Their new fuzzy socks are delicious! And when your dryer eats one, it’s fine, you still have two left. Who says socks need to match anyway!

Affy Tapple Apple

I hate Halloween but it is an excuse to eat a caramel apple.  I used to crave them when I was pregnant.  I would get a “hankering” and would just have to have one. I haven’t been pregnant for a long time but I still love a good caramel apple.   Affy Tapple has the best….every topping you can imagine but the caramel is still the best to me.

Jennifer’s Picks

Snapea Crisps

I try very hard to watch what I eat and that definitely includes snack food.  I found Snapea Crisps and really like them…They are light yet have a nice flavor and they are all natural.  Even my teen eats them!

Halloween, Potery Barn Kids

Halloween done right…Pottery Barn Kids has adorable costumes, treat bags, gifts, books, table decor and more!  They are absolutely precious!  Makes me wish I had more little ones…

Diamond Mixed Nuts, Inshell

With the chill in the air it is time for me to buy a few bags of Diamond Mixed Nuts, still in the shells.  My family loves to sit in front of the fire place, crack and eat them for hours.   Great snack, definitely all natural!

KONG Company

My third child, well…she is a dog, really… a sweet black lab…Every day when my son gets home from school it is play time.  Sometimes he hits a ball with a tennis racquet so she can chase it but this has seemed like a much better option plus she can really have fun with it all day digging for that treat!


Barbara’s Picks

Vera Bradley, Wristlet

This is the latest craze among my 6th grader and her friends.  The great thing about it….she seems to keep track of her phone better with her Vera Bradley wristlet.

Bolthouse Farms Parfait Smoothie

My 15 year old is crazy about these. She’s not a breakfast eater, so this is the one thing I can get her to drink on her way out the door to school.

UGG Slippers

I can’t wait to get home to put them on!

Neutrogena SkiniD

This is an over the counter treatment that really seems to work!

Jennifer’s Picks

Zappos, Rain Boots

For the last few years it has really become fun to wear Rain Boots!  Zappos has so many choices from $35.99 to $525.00.  Check out some of my favorites from, Sporto, Burberry, Hunter, Kamik, Sperry, Michael Kors ,Keen ,Tretorn.  While most of these brands have cute kids boots too you also have to check out Hatley, Crocs, Western Chief Kids for children. Zappos styles and brands are endless.

Kate Somerville, Gentle Exfoliating Treatment

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Sephora and they gave me some to try.  It is wonderful and a little goes a long way!  I can’t wait to try her other products.

Pretzel Crisps

My family loves these so much that we can’t seem to keep them in our pantry!  Thin yet strong enough to  even dip.  They are perfect with tons of flavor…you can’t go wrong.

allrecipes.com app

OK, your at the store and have no idea what to make for dinner…Enter allrecipes.com’s new app.  It works great and gives tons of options such as searching  your favorites, spinning so you can be inspired or by ingredient!


Barbara’s Picks

Kettle Corn

I have always resisted popcorn that is already popped in a bag…but this….oh my gosh is the best kettle corn in the world!

411 app

Some things in life really ARE FREE!!!  I love this app,  I can finally get numbers for free!

Zoe’s Chicken Salad

I may overdose on turkey sandwich’s, that is why it is such a treat to pick up Zoe’s Chicken Salad.  It is always fresh and tasty. You just take some pop it on a triscuit and lunch is done!

Tory Burch Candles

I know they can be pricy but if you want to splurge on a gift these are very “classy”!  A friend gave me one and I thought, “what a wonderful gift”.

Jennifer’s Picks

Spray Way

Hands down the best glass cleaner I have EVER used!!!  I even use it on my stainless steel and it works great.

Crock Pot

I love my Crock Pot.  I have had one for years and it keeps on cooking!  We sometimes get home late and it is so nice to have our meal ready to go!

The Cosby Show

I know that when I was a kid we watched this show every week, well now my son has discovered The Cosby Show!  We all watch it together and laugh so hard our sides hurt…What a great family program.  Sometimes I catch my son watching them on Netflix too!  You can never get too much of the COS!

Dr. Dennis Gross

As soon as I hit the beginning of menopause, I developed acne.  On my back and arms, YUCK!!!  I have been trying everything and this is really working and doesn’t stain my clothing.  The folks at Sephora helped me out and suggested it.  They were right!


Barbara’s Picks

Eistein Brother Bagels

I made a special trip to Target two days in a row to get these bagels. They are fresh, tasty and soft. Not like some bagels that get so hard you can use them as a hockey puck.

Collapsable Round Cooler

I love this cooler because it stores in my pantry and doesn’t leak.  It is great for tailgating in the fall.

Infusion Water Dispenser

These are great for every day or a party!  Slice some fruit, fill it with water and they look great

Babolot Tennis Racquet

One of my sons who play tennis loves this racket. I don’t play myself, but he says it’s super light and accurate.

Jennifer’s Picks

i Heart Radio

I love music and absolutely love talk radio…now Clear Channel has combined these with new filtering technology!  Simply download the app and start customizing your station!

Slap Watch

These are so adorable!  My husband came home with one for me and now I want one in every color!  How fun, slap them on and you are good to go.  They even have some with {bling}!

Bona Floor Cleaner

I am obsessed with my floors and hate when they are dirty…Bona makes my life a whole lot easier!  I love this product for hardwood and bathroom floors.  They even have a mop that has the cleaner attached, simply spray and mop.

LostMyDoggie.com – Will find your missing pet by quickly calling all your neighbors.

The other day when my phone rang, there was a message that a neighbor had lost their pet.  They message gave me the website to see a photo of the missing pet as well as a phone number.  This is an {amber alert} for pets. I am a huge pet lover and if my dog were missing…I would definitely want to use this service!


Barbara’s Picks

True North Almond Pecan Clusters

High in Calories but wortth every bite!

Vanicream Lotion

No dyes or perfumes and really moisturizes my daughters dry skin

Aroma Nail Polish

Just for Fun!  My 11 would loves it…

Ortho Electric Tooth Brush

I chose this because my electric toothbrush is so reliable. I have had it for two years now and it never runs out of battery and never breaks. I change the brush every few weeks and it works like a charm.

Jennifer’s Picks

Rockport Shoes

I had completely given up on comfort and fashion until…Rockport hit the jackpot, I love these shoes and can’t wait to get them in all the colors!   Check out the pumps too!!!

Amy’s Organic Soups

I absolutely love soup and when I can’t make if from scratch, Amy’s is the next best thing!  Even my teenager loves them.

Krusteaz, One Step

Can you say tasty and easy?  These are terrific…We have tried the Blueberry and if the rest are as good as that, then we are converts!

Old English, Scratch Cover

I am always trying something new to cover scratches but this really worked.  We had some scratches on the floors that was driving me crazy and my husband gave it a whirl and it worked perfectly!


Barbara’s Picks

Triscuit, Rosemary and Olive Oil

I have always loved, loved this brand and now with Rosemary and Olive Oil!!!  I can’t keep my hands out of the box!

Sams Club, Rotisserie Chicken

Hands down the best Rotisserie Chicken I have ever bought!  I buy them a few times a week and can make all kinds of meals!  This is a must for your shopping list!

Quickie, Micro fiber cloths

I have these everywhere in my house!!! They are terrific for cleaning stainless steel to glass and never leave a streak.  I even use them to clean computer and glasses!  They are amazing!

Shave Me App

It is all the new rage with my kids… The Shave Me App allows you to be creative while shaving.  Different colors, ways to shave and styles and even share your designs on Facebook or Twitter.  We have all had some fun creating different designs and yes shaving pretend beards off of photos!


Jennifer’s Picks


Lots of people have a hard time with creative writing.  This is a great way to get those imaginative juices flowing.  Storymatic allows you to chose words so you can start making up stories.  Great fun at the dinner table!

Me! Bath

My Mother bought me the cutest little ice cream soap and I love it!  They have all kinds of {flavors} and even lotions.  Great for a Birthday gift or just because…Thanks Mom, I love it!

Aveda, Green Science Firming Eye Gel

I use this every morning and evening.  It keeps my eyes moisturized no matter the weather. It smells great too!

Halls Cough Drops

Cold season is heading our way and my family has already had scratchy  throats and coughs.  This is a staple in our home in fact I use them to clear up my sinuses!


Barbara’s Picks

Seven Day Candles

I am going on 4 days now without power and these still haven’t burned out!

Weiman Candle Wax Remover

Did I mention that I have no power?  Yes I did!  There are some places in my house that I have not been using seven day candles and those candles drip.  I have candle wax everywhere.  Weiman does the trick.  I can remove the wax and not scratch the surface.


Great Gifts for a guy and also great tool for those of us who may NEVER GET OUR POWER BACK!!!

Generac Generator

I still have no power but my neighbor does, thanks to her Generac generator!  I know it works like a charm because it buzzes like a chainsaw day and night.  While it is loud, it is also persistent!  It never fails my neighbor!  If I get one I will put it under their bedroom window so they can see how well MY Generac generator works:)

Jennifer’s Picks

McDonald’s Coffee

Barbara wasn’t the only one without power…YIKES after April when we had a tornado I thought two and a half weeks of no power was enough for a lifetime…WRONG, had trees fall and yes my power was out too.. ie, no coffee maker….My sweet husband brought me McDonald’s coffee every morning.  I have to say it is really terrific!

Midland Emergency Crank Weather Radio

Thank goodness my dad had this so I could keep informed.  You really don’t realize how much you miss TV, Internet and the world out there and how connected we really are until it stops!  This was a life saver for me!

HTC Droid Flash light app

This was a cool app that I downloaded a while ago but boy did it come in handy.  My son is always forgetting to turn off our flashlights so when you really need them…they don’t work.  Now I have my very own flashlight on my cell that he definitely can’t touch.

Cell Phone Car Charger

Imagine this, no light, no power, trees blowing, pouring down rain and there I sit, in my car charging my phone!  Thank goodness I did, it was my connection to the outside world  for email, texting and calls!  Everyone needs to make sure they have one!  Be careful not to use it while your are in your garage and if you are, open the door while the car is running!


Barbara’s Picks

Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie

I rarely make a frozen meal but sometimes I need a quick desperation dinner, like last night. They were very good and didn’t taste like a frozen dinner

Bloch Pro-Elastic Canvas Ballet Shoe

My daughters new fav for dance!

Pepperidge Farms Sesame Sticks

They are baked and yummy with hummas

No shotgun-MHF-1

My 17 year old swears by it before he works out

Jennifer’s Picks


I am totally shameless…I am choosing itunes for a few reasons, yes it is awesome for music, movies and books. This week they started carrying our podcasts!  Hope you all subscribe!


Sometimes you just have to go back to what your mom used to use.  I definitely have this week.  Brillo is great for cleaning those stubborn pots and pans that are not Teflon coated

Ghirardelli Brownie Mix

Oh my goodness…these brownies are better than any made from scratch!  I have made 3 boxes in the last week for my family…they can’t get enough of them.

Jockey {No Panty Line Promise} Underwear

I love these!  They are super comfortable and never show a panty line.


Barbara’s Picks

Goo Goo Car Wash

This is definitely become my weekly addiction!

Bolthouse Farms – {Passion Orange Guava}

Great Breakfast on the run and really tastes just like fresh squeezed!

Merle Norman – {Foundation Primer Plus}

Creamy and smooth and really makes a difference for my foundation…I will use it forever!

Sister Schubert- {Frozen Dinner Rolls}

I have to hide these from my 12 year old son…he will eat them every night and not even leave a crumb for the rest of us.


Jennifer’s Picks

Prints -n -Patters- {Embroidered Pencil Pouch}

I know our kids have been back in school for a few weeks now but there are still lots about to start.  How about a cute pencil case to freshen up that book bag?
Prints -n -Patterns also makes some adorable ones in bright colors.

Phone Guard

This is a parents dream…Take the fear out of kids texting while driving.  This really works and absolutely will NOT allow you to receive a text or send one if you are going over 10 miles per hr.  I even installed it on my cell!

Pepperidge Farm - {Gold Fish Bread}

I had tried the hamburger buns and then my friend told me about these.  How adorable is this bread to make a fun sandwich on and you know if it is Pepperridge Farm, it will definitely taste good.

Late Night With David Letterman

This is my first time choosing the same thing twice but I just couldn’t help myself!  David Letterman has featured amazing drummers on his show all week and I have to say my son {an aspiring drummer} enjoyed it so much as I did.  What a great treat for him as well as such amazing inspiration to young musicians out there!  Way to go Dave!



Barbara’s Picks

Publix Sour Dough Bread

This bread is amazing!  I use it for everything and my family can’t get enough of it!

Tex Joy Mesquit Shake

With 4 kids I am always cooking and Tex Joy is great when making a delicious steak.

Nike Women’s Air Max Trainer Essential Training shoe

This shoe has changed my entire training program and that has changed my life!  Great fit and very light!

Urban Outfitters and Target

My daughter said this was her very favorite back to school top EVER!!! She wore a very cute Boho printed strapless top from Urban Outfitters with a really cute Mossimo Cardigan sweater over it from Target!  She looked adorable!



Jennifer’s Picks

Annie B Boutique

Annie B Boutique was born as a project that Annie, then 13 had to do…She continued to create these adorable hair clips, rings, necklaces, pony-o’s and earrings.  Now 15, her distribution spreads and her styles continue to update as she adds new products.  The best thing is when you purchase these adorable items a portion of the profit goes to St. Judes Children’s Hospital…well done, Annie!  To purchase these you can call 205.767.7465.

Whole Foods

Being a native New Yorker…I have always been a bit of a Pizza Snob…Well until Whole Foods opened up in the town where I live now down south, I have suffered silently missing my favorite NY dish.  However,  I can finally have a pizza that is {dare I say} almost better than NY pizza!  Try any type at Whole Foods and you definitely will not be disappointed!

Lane Bryant Back Smoothing Bra

I have already told you about a Lane Bryant Bra that I loved but this one is my new fav!!!  I had to get it a little larger so it would give me {full} coverage but it is so soft and gives amazing support!

Miele Espresso Machine

I know this can be a little over any budget but the Miele Espresso/Cappuccino machine gets more use in my home than any other appliance…I love it and it has been well worth the expense!


Barbara’s picks


I occasionally branch out an buy new and more expensive shampoos, but I always return to my beloved Pantene!

Sinless Margarita

Celebrate the end of  summer with a Sin-Less Margarita.  The Sinless folks were nice enough to send me a sample and this is yummy minus the calories!

Naturally Green

Is it me or are there just a lot of mosquito’s out there this year?  I am trying to be more green but a lot of the products don’t work…this one does!

Natural Balance

It sounds gross but I swear my dog has less poop with this dog food.  Believe me having a 90 lb Lab, it makes a difference.  It is like having a small pony in my yard when he eats store brand food!

Jennifer’s Picks

Mom Agenda

I have used the Mom Agenda for years and even though I love technology I still bought it…Now they have an App for it!  I can’t wait!  This is a great way to get you ready for back to school!

Jennifer Behr

Hair accessories are a must have…Jennifer Behr has a collection that are a bit more than the {local store} but they are definitely worth it for that special evening!

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is never lacking in amazing products, and this one definitely caught my eye.  With back to school starting you must have a chalk board.  I used them and my kids used them for working math problems and spelling words, not to mention hangman.  It is a fun way to get them to do homework!

LL Bean

Back packs are an absolute {must have} for school.  LL Bean offers every variety from wheels to messenger bags. They come in many colors, designs and will last for a LONG time!


\Barbara’s Picks
Sweet Melissa’s Sauces & Seasonings

I like the Jalapeno dippin sauce best!  You can whip up dozens of recipes from one jar.

Aveda Phomollient

I have always love Aveda and now I have rediscovered Phomollient.  It is a styling foam that is light and smells great!

Vera Bradley Pencils

Say it ain’t so…if we have to go back to school send them with fancy pencils!

Pink Taffy Designs

OK, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen…It makes me want to have another baby and dress her in her Poodle Shag Baby Wear.

Jennifer’s Picks

Eye Brow Threading

When my friend told me about this I thought she was nuts!  I have to admit I love it…it is quick, not as painful as waxing, less expensive, no harsh chemicals and my eye brows look better.

School Years: A family keepsake of school memories

Oh my…this book so takes me back to when I was young…I loved looking back over my years in school and so will your children.  This a must have for any parent with school aged kids!


How cute are these…grab them with your favorite drink from home, saves money in the long run and you look great!  The screw on lids and straw are an added bonus!

Kate Spade

I Heart, I Heart, I Heart anything Kate Spade designs and her line for Cell Phone Cases and Lap Top Bags is fabulous!


 Barbara’s Picks

Poison Ivy Soap

We have tried it all, but this soap seems to work best if you are prone to poison ivy.


A {clean freaks} dream product…it cleans everything without harsh chemicals!

Big Sky Bread

I can’t eat a sandwich unless it is on Big Sky!!!

Allergy Products

Don’t send your child off to college to sleep on dust mite, bed bug ridden mattresses.  If you Encase the mattress and pillows it suffocates the bugs and you will sleep better knowing your child is in a clean bed all night.


Jennifer’s Picks

Marimekko Olkalaukku Bags with Free Unikko notebook

This bag is adorable and comes in so many different colors.  Crate & Barrel are having a sale now through August 7th or while quantities last. If you buy one you get a cool note book($29 value) …Just in time for back to school shopping…how cute!


I am a watch freak!!!  I saw this and even thought I don’t own it {yet}I definitely want to…It is a ipod nano that pops into a watch…How cool you can wear your nano!  Fashion and Function!!!  I love it {hope my husband reads this entry}

It’s a 10

I was born with curly hair…then came Marsha Brady.  After years of trying to get that straight hair look, I now have a product that goes on light and keeps my hair soft blow dry after blow dry!  It is definitely a 10!

Saucy Susan

As long as I can remember we would never think about having ribs or chicken without Saucy Susan.  It is terrific and adds just the right amount of sweet flavor to a delicious dinner!


Barbara’s Picks


My daughter was stung by a hornet today and this gel worked like magic. Barring any allergy you may have to bees or hornets, this gel was the fastest pain relief I have ever used on my kids. Works great for poison ivy too.

Pure Protein

Most protein bars are like chewing cardboard.  My daughter is the expert.  As a dancer, she has tried them all.  She prefers the Pure Protein brand over others.  More flavor and a little less expensive.

Hair Feathers

Don’t Cringe mom, but hair feathers are all the rage with kids right now.  At the risk of sounding old fashioned, I am still warming up to the feather fad.  But they are cute and more importantly, temporary.

Custom Converse

There’s nothing like a pair of Chuck T’s. Now you can customize them. I love this tennis shoe. They are timeless.

Jennifer’s Picks

Pier 1 Imports Pillows

What a great addition to any room!  I love these fun pillows!

Twist Band

Great hair ties and head bands and they won’t leave a mark.  You can also customize them!!  How cool is that!!!


With all the heat lately these are a really great way to cool off.  Simply pour and design your own pops. Check them out!

Gas Buddy.com

With gas prices crazy these days I totally rely on this app.  Find the lowest prices in your area!


Barbara’s Picks

Buffalo Shrimp

Keep a few of these in the freezer for a yummy appetizer or just to serve any time. Place it in your own dish and people will think you are a gourmet cook!

Toms Shoes

Tom’s Shoes, they are all the rage with my girls right now.  You will be doing something great from buying them, every pair purchased Tom will match it with a pair for a child in need.  Great for everyone!

Pimento Cheese

This is the best pimento cheese ever!  I love, love it!  Check it out at your local grocer and if they don’t carry it you should ask them to..Yummy!

The Furminator

Having two dogs I love the Furminator.  It keeps the shedding down and believe it or not the dogs don’t mind it at all!!!

Jennifer’s Picks

Shark Portable Steam Pocket

I love this product!!!  I use it in my kitchen once a week.  I hate germs and this really steam cleans and leaves a great shine.  Now I  have to say I don’t use the attachments all the time but I wipe off the HOT STEAM with a microfiber rag and that works just great!


I was in NY a few years ago at ABC Home and Carpet{a very cool store}.  This nice lady was selling these products so I bought some!  Love, Love, Love this line from the beautiful bottles to the great way your skin feels!  Definitely check them out!

Lane Bryant-Cacique, Lace Full Coverage Bra

OK, if you couldn’t figure out from our characters on our landing page, I am large chested, OK I said it!…However I prefer to think of myself as slightly fuller in the upper category!!!  The photo of this lovely model shows my favorite bra!  Comfy, feels great and still feeling sexy.   You get all of this and you don’t feel like your wearing “Great Grandma’s bra”!!

Iomega External Portable Hard Drive

I always have a ton of things on my computer from photos to documents.  After having it crash one time {and loosing a years worth of photos}, I have always made sure that I back up, back up, back up. I use external portable hard drives…This one is my favorite.  It travels well and even though they are not cheap, you will thank your self a thousand times for making sure you backed up your precious memories.


Barbara’s Picks
Tapp-Zoo App

It sounds silly but I play it with my family!!!  Yes even the teenagers love it!

Trader Joe’s Guacamole Hummas

Great source of protein. Yummy and great to have on hand for a summer munchie.

McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Salad


McDonald’s Asian Grilled Chicken Salad–before you say “gross!!” it beats the alternative Big Mac.  McDonald’s becomes inevitable in our summer schedule so you may try it just out of convenience…I still love the fries:)


What is summer without water balloons–but with this toy you wont have to mop up the water off the kitchen floor

Jennifer’s Picks
Kolo Photo Albums

All of these albums have been my favorite for years.  Great colors, easy to work with and they even have books that you can use as a guest book. Definitely my first choice for any photo book.

Finish Dishwashing Detergent

I took it, I really did!!!  I took the finish challenge…It really worked great on all my dishes.  I am constantly using the dishwasher and now make my son help with loading…It got all the stuck on mess that he never rinses off.  Thank you finish!

Rovio-Angry Birds

So my son tells me about this cool game he is playing,”Angry Birds”.  I proceed to tell him that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard…WRONG!!!  I am hooked, I play it all the time and can’t stop…I constantly keep asking everyone, “want to know what level I am on”???  Try it, just be careful, you might not stop!

Mario Badescu

I absolutely love this cream!  Great on feet, elbows, etc…I use it every day after a shower and before I go to bed.  The cream is so good I know I an going to have to try more of the line!


Barbara’s picks


I love this. Your kids will love it to. the Aerogarden is a good summer gadget.

New York Export-Opus Jazz

Great Entertainment!

Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

Go ahead and splurge for this fun pool in the back yard…Kids will have a blast

Texsport Hammocks

Time to realax!!!  It’s the 4th of July..Buy a Hammock or tack one onto a tree!

Jennifer’s Picks
O’Brien Schridde Designs

I love photos everywhere in my home and I really love everyone of these frames!!!  They are really amazing, I just wish I had more!!!!!

Crest 3D White

I have always used Crest!  My parents used it when I was little and I really love the new versions that they have.  Drinking lots of coffee this keeps my teeth white!

Breville Pie Maker

What is more 4th of July than a apple or cherry pie.  I found this amazing pie make and love it!  Williams Sonoma has another great hit!

Igloo Tote Cooler

Too, too cute!  Take these to the pool, beach or a picnic!




Barbara’s Picks

Elta MD Skin Care
Because my daughter is allergic to every sunscreen under the sun and we found this one to be super sensitive for super sensitive skin. It also works well for acne prone skin.

Collapsible Picnic Basket-Insulated-Studio Dot
If you have seen more than one or two of our picks, you know by now that I am a bag lady. I love bags and I love picnics and I love this picnic bag!!

Giada Gourmet Panini Maker
Why have a cold sandwich when you can have a hot sandwich. I use my panini grill almost as much as my oven. My family is in a panini phase. I will put our favorite recipes on eats!! Check out our “Eats” section for some tried and true sandwich recipes!

McCormick Grill Mates-Mojito Lime
This marinade makes the best grilled chicken for fagitas or chicken tacos or any mexican dish. It’s a 15 minute marinade and taste deeeelicious!

Jennifer’s Picks

In search for the perfect tweezer, search no more!  I have many of these in various places throughout my purse and home.  Best one I have ever used…

Stacy Claire Boyd-return label stickies
I have to admit I am a bit of a stationary freak!!!  That being said anyone would love these adorable return label stickies..Custom at an affordable price!

Uniden Phones
My husband always says I am a phone addict and perhaps he is right, when I am not on my cell I have probably 15 land line phones.  I love the sound quality of these and they are the only brand I have used in years. I just can’t seem to find one that allows you to plug in a head set, I am still looking but Uniden is definitely my favorite brand!

DCI -Drum Corp International
My son is an avid drummer and loves drumming on a set as well as marching bands…I have followed DCI for years and it really is a great thing for kids that love music, marching and fun.  This is for the kid that is willing to put in hard work, they have long days and hot, hot summers!  Catch them in a city near you, you won’t regret it!  My hats off to the kids and volunteers from DCI!



Barbara’s Picks
Bucky Balls
They aren’t just for kids.  they are a bit pricey but they are addicting. I am not kidding, the dad in your house will love them.

Motion x GPS Drive App  for smart phone
For the father that refuses to ask for directions…this GPS for your smart phone is easy to use and maps are updated quickly and often

Sony dash personal internet viewer
Can be used as an alarm clock…just a fun gadget for dad.

MAC shave cream 100ml/3.4oz
My husband loves it and his skin is so soft!

Jennifer’s Picks

Mrs. Fields Cookies
My husband lives for chocolate chip cookies and this company really does an amazing job…

PGA Golf
This weekend you can let dad watch the finals of the US Open{while your at it get him a round of golf at your local course}

Williams- Sonoma
There are so many gifts here that dads would love, from grilling pizza stone to wine clubs.  You can’t go wrong here!

Garmin Forerunner 610
My husband is an avid runner and he got this last year.  Loves it…Monitor your heart and keep up with your running and then download the info on your computer.  Great for runners





Barbara’s Picks
Pink Zebra Duck Tape
My 11 year old and her friends have discovered they can make ANYTHING out of duct tape. They make wallets, purses, bows…you name it….even shoes.  Try some colorful tape for fun or function

Bop Basics
Hair ties that don’t leave a bump in your hair. Jennifer Anniston wears them!

Sleek and affordable and a watch I can actually see without putting on my glasses.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Before you repaint you should try this. It takes off most any smudge on any wall in your house.

Jennifer’s Picks
Dial Eco smart refill

I love this new refill package and my favorite scent is the white tea and vitamin E

Late night with David Letterman
This week David Letterman has featured some amazing drummers.  My 15 year old son {an aspiring drummer} has really loved it and so have I.  I hope that they put out a CD with all of the drummers they featured.

I love, love, love all of the Aveda products, the scent and the way my hair and skin feel but really love this product for dry skin.  Mix a little with lotion on trouble spots and it really helps.

Eight O’Clock Coffee
Being a huge coffee drinker, I start my day off with a mix of Eight O’Clock Coffee.  I mix the French Roast and the Colombian and love it.  All the flavors are terrific!




Barbara’s Picks

Sour Melon Powerade-My son(my third child) absolutely loves this drink and has totally insisted that I list this as a favorite…I have to admit he is right.  Love it!

Bobble Filter Water bottles-My daughter just got one of these for her birthday!  She loves them and it definitely saves me money on water bottles.

Cavenders spices-Great spice especially for summer.  Here is a fresh salad that I discovered along the way.

Romain lettuce



olive oil


parmesan cheese

I use all the ingredients according to taste.

slice romain lettuce from bottom to top(don’t tear it), in a seperate bowl, add and blend together with fork, olive oil, lemon and cavenders.

Add Romain lettuce and cilantro and toss.  Serve with fresh parmesan cheese on top. Refreshing and healthy!

Takeya, Flash Chill, Lemonade Maker-How refreshing this is, easy and a great way to keep everyone hydrated this summer..

Jennifer’s Picks

Beats tour in ear headphones with control talk-My son doesn’t like to study but he loves music and his beats!  Thank goodness he has a sister that bought them for him for his birthday.  Now I want a pair to use with my cell phone or to sit at my computer and work!  Best sound around!

Le Cruset-A sweet friend gave me my first pot and now I HEART Le Cruset!   Cook from stove top to oven with easy cleanup and the food really does tast amazing.

Fun quick dinner,

Rump roast

Lipton onion dip mix





Put butter and rump roast in pot, lightly brown.  Pour  onion dip mix on top add celery, carrots and potatoes.  Pour about 1/2 to 3/4 cups of water. Pop it in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.  Neat trick my dad taught me.  Stick a knife into the middle of it pull out and if the knife is cold, it is not finished yet, hot you guessed it, done.  Serve over wide noodles.  You can make a nice gravy out of the water left in the pot by mixing in a little Wondra flour sauce and gravy mix.

Clorox Anywhere- I am a total cleaning product freak.  I try every product out there and one that I have grown to love is Clorox Anywhere hard surface.  I especially love it on my stainless steel fridge.  There are constant dirty hands on the fridge every day and this product seems to keep the germs at bay and gets rid of the fingerprints and mess my family leaves behind.  I also use a stainless steel microfiber cloth when wiping it down.  Trust me, this is tried and true!

ProTeam Super CoachVac® HEPA-I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a clean freak.  I vacuum on a daily basis, yes I said daily…I probably own 4- 5 different vacuum’s but one of my favorite ones is the Proteam super coach.  You pop it on your back and go.  The suction is like nothing I have ever used and the attachment for carpets lets you get in almost any spot.  I know I look like a cast member from the Ghost Busters but the super coach is terrific!




Barbara’s weekly picks

Pure Barre…Love this and you’ll feel amazing

Fit Flops-Amazingly comfy and great for legs

Josie Maran Argan Oil-use it on your face, hair, nails….anywhere

First aid beauty cleanser-so inexpensive and doesn’t dry out my face

Jennifer’s weekly picks

Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce-Oh my, I love to make this sauce for my family…they always think I made it from scratch

Method-Love the products, usually found at Target.  French Lavender is definitely one of my fav’s

Ever Pure, Sulfate-Free Color Care System-OK it is true I color my hair but just to keep the gray away…I stumbled on this shampoo, love the smell and love the way it makes my hair feel

Samsung Ultra-Slim WEP350 Bluetooth Headset – My hair is long, hearing not the best and will not hold the phone while I drive.  My answer is this great bluetooth headset.  Doesn’t feel like it is falling out, great sound and totally hands free!





Slatkin and Company Candle-Bamboo Scent

I love this candle because it last forever, it’s inexpensive and I am obsessed with the clean scent of the Bamboo. You can purchase online or I have found them at Bed, Bath and Bodyworks. They have a big sale on candles. So I buy three at a time when they run their sale.

Bobby Brown Lip Gloss

My friends say it is gooey but to me it is the best lip gloss out there. You can eat an apple and it won’t come off….seriously! The only problem is that the tube is a little small and they are a bit pricey. However, when you are at the end of the tube and the gloss is stuck at the bottom, pop it in the microwave, melt the gloss and get dozens of more wear out of the tube.


I may have a secret crush on Tony…he’s the hot 50ish guy that created P90X. But that is not why I do this workout. This is the one home workout that will really whip your butt!  I use it to supplement my workouts at the gym. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going to the gym so I make a date Tony on those days. I find that my workout is just as good on the days I stay at home as at the gym. Ab Ripper is my fav.


If you have a dog, you need Odoban. Especially a puppy. While you may not care for the scent at first, it goes away and kills odors. Not sure what’s in it but it was the only thing that took out the puppy pee stain and odor when my Westie refused to be potty trained. By the way, she is 9 years old and still is not potty trained. Either that or she just gets mad at me and pees on the floor at will.



Charmin Sensitive toilet paper and Cottonelle flushable wipes

What a difference age makes, toilet paper…yes you read that right, toilet paper…my favorite these days,(an believe me I have tested a lot of different brands) is Charmin sensitive…Just as an added bonus you might want to try the cottonell fresh wipes.  My husband is going to be so embarrassed I have shared this.

Le Pen

A dear friend of mine that I hold in the utmost regard when it comes to stationary said that this pen is the one to use for all notes unless you are doing calligraphy.  Le Pen, multi colors available, my favorite is brown and red..what a surprise.  They are wonderful for note taking but most of all for note writing for those times you like to send a letter via snail mail.

My apple computer

Ok, I know that they cost a bit more but I am definitely a mac lover…I have even converted my entire family and even Barbara has switched…They are a dream and I love, love, love them!

Coffee Mate

I am a huge coffee drinker…the morning, afternoon and yes even in the evening.  I am fortunate enough to have an amazing coffee maker and love to have my morning coffee with splenda and coffee mate.  It is a great creamer with out all the fat and my friends now will choose it instead of half and half.  There are a million flavors and mine is still the original one.  They offer some that are in liquid form for travel, so when you grab a cup of coffee on the go, you can have some in a bag in your purse…

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