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STYLE | Cooney and Jones



Deep, Rich colors make a beautiful fall look. That is what Merle Norman’s Senior Product Manager Anne Marie Nicolet tells us we need to be wearing in cosmetics for the fall. Will they look good with your skin tones? Find out how to look your best this fall with the experts.

To listen to this interview, click here: Anne Marie Nicolet


We come in many shapes and sizes and who wants to look the same anyway???  Megan LaRussa owner of  Southern Femme suggest we {embrace our body types} and {Rock out with your own personal style}.  She discuees the right bra for your {girls} and gives great tips as to where to shop for sizes 14 and up.

Join us as she discusses the Curvy Girl.  Click here to hear the interview with Megan LaRussa


So you want your man to get out of the old khaki and tattered golf shirt. We love our man, but that doesn’t mean we have to love his sense of style. Scott Pyburn to the rescue! Scott tells us how to dress our man no matter what his sense of style.

To here the interview, click here Scott Pyburn


Megan LaRussa our expert for style and fashion shares her top beauty picks from face masks to mascara.  She as always has good suggestions as to how to what to use, when to use it and how to apply some definite {must have’s}.

To learn more, click here to listen to her interview. Megan LaRussa


Over the past few years of working with my fabulous Style Coaching clients, I have taken mental notes on absolute ‘must haves’ for every woman.  My clients run the spectrum as far as age, body type, and personal style, but these 5 items have been across the board MUST HAVES for all women.

1. Jackie Cardigan from J.Crew. These lightweight cardigans come in every color imaginable and make the perfect third piece when dressing for work (and look particularly great when paired with a skinny belt at the natural waist).

2. A black and neutral pump. Every woman needs a classic pair of nude and black pumps.  Whether you work in a conservative environment or not, classic pumps are an easy ‘go to’ when dressing for a wedding, church, or any other type of dressy event. Select a pair of pumps with a slightly pointed/slightly rounded toe, for a style that will remain timeless.

3. A classic wide leg trouser. I suggest this trouser to most of my clients, as it is the perfect work pant.  BUT this trouser is also wonderful for looking sophisticated on a brunch or dinner date; especially when worn with a great tank or blouse tucked in + a skinny belt through the belt loops + a pair of wedges.

4. A luxe black leather or snakeskin everyday purse. Nobody likes having to change your purse everyday, so why not purchase one really amazing bag that will go with everything!

5. A wrap dress. Diane von Furstenberg created the famed wrap dress in the 70′s as an easy, sexy, sophisticated, and comfortable dress alternative.  And women, including myself, have been looooving this style ever since!  The shape of the dress flatters EVERY woman and can be dressed up or down for almost every occasion.

Megan LaRussa, Style Coach and Wardrobe Stylist
owner of, Southern Femme



It’s the latest trend among designers. They call it Pre-fall or you may call it transitional pieces in your wardrobe. Whatever you would like to call it, Megan Larussa tells us how to ease into fall in style.

Click here for more…Megan LaRussa


It’s the icing on the cake. Megan Larussa tells us the perfect outfit can be less than perfect without the right accessories. It’s not always about the big earrings or the loud necklace.
Megan educates us on the understated accessories that make the outfit.
Click here for more…Megan LaRussa


It’s back to school. Megan Larussa says pay up now for the right jeans for your teen. You’ll be glad you did when they are still wearing those designers six months from now. This falls jean line up includes the good old blue jeans, but this fall kids are branching out into skinny leg, high waisted, funky designs to stay on the fashion track.
Click here for more….Megan LaRussa

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