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YOUR HAVEN | Cooney and Jones



It’s hard to keep up with the latest in fashion, especially if it is home decor. Decorator Beth McMillan advises on simple steps to keeping your home fresh and updated.  Mix it up and don’t be afraid to move that chair, change the lamp shade or even eliminate the couch.  Be brave, take a risk and sit back and enjoy the new view in your living room. It’s fun and easier than your think and Beth show us the way.

To listen to the interview click here: Beth McMillian


You feel like you just finished decorating the babies room and she is already moving on to the toddler bed. Decorator Beth McMillan takes us through the stages of decorating your childs’ room from infancy to tween to teens.
To hear the interview, please click here: Beth McMillian


Out with the old……Wait just a minute……

No more out with the old and in with the new.  In 2011 it’s  IN with the old and BLEND with the new.  Interior decorator Beth McMillan tells us how to blend the old with the new in your home. Antiques and that sleek table can coexist in the same room. Gone are the days of starting from scratch in a room. It’s sometimes tricky to blend but Beth tells us how to merge the old and new style to refresh your home in style.

To listen to Beth’s interview, Click here…Beth McMillian


Andrea Pokorny is living proof that when your {luck} with jobs and money change a reality check sets in very quickly!  She and her family had their lives turned upside down in one day….They went from a salary of over $125 thousand a year to $25 thousand.  Two children at home and one on the way,  life changed quickly and major cut backs happened.  Andrea has taken her lessons that she has learned along the way and has created Mainstreammom.com  She now is able to have a home business and still be a {mom}.

Listen to some of her sound advice. Andrea Pokorny

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