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C&J’s Picks 12.1.11 | Cooney and Jones

C&J’s Picks 12.1.11


Barbara’s Picks


I discovered this website before thanksgiving. Every recipe seems like a hit.  I love to see pictures of food before I made it. Go “gawking” on this site and cook up something yummy.

Derm Caps

I have a lab. He sheds 10 pounds of hair a day! Ok, so I may be exaggerating, but if you have a lab, you know what I mean. My vet recommended this supplement and it does cut down on the shedding. He won’t eat it without food so i have to remember to give it to him in his food.

Fiber Optic Color-changing Plastic Christmas Bows

I have ordered some of these cute fiber optic  bows for my Christmas gifts.  I have to buy a few “secret santa” gifts and no one will be able to resist my gift with a bow on it that lights up!

J&M Foods

These key lime cookies are addicting.  A neighbor gave me some last Christmas and I have craved them since last year.  They are tangy, crunchy and to die for!

Jennifer’s Picks

Sof Sole

OK, I ate way too much pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving so the walking had to begin!!!  The problem is, I have always had pinching on the ball of my foot by my middle toe.  Problem solved…I went to Finish Line and they were terrific.  They recommended the Sof Sole, Maximum Air Cushioning for High Impact Activities and I have to say they are like walking on air!

SoftHeat Plus Moist/Dry Heating Pad


I have had a totally bad shoulder for a while now {this has nothing to do with my new walking routine}…So I have been using this heating pad to sleep with.  For some reason it really makes me more comfortable at night.

Red Laser

I love this app!  Scan an item and it can check prices, find stores nearby. If your not ready to buy an item yet it will store the information for you till you are!  It can also check things such as food allergens and nutritional information in the market…  Does it get any better than this?



A few weeks ago one of our contributing editors submitted an article about sweeteners!  YIKES I read it and it scared me to death…I am definitely a convert!  I now use both Agave Nectar by MadHava and Organic Raw Blue Agave by Wholesome Sweeteners in all my drinks and honestly I love it in my coffee!  Thanks Christine for the info!





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