C&J’s Picks


Barbara’s Picks

Pirates Booty

Great when you want a salty craving.  Only 130 calories!

Topsy Turvy

We’ve already planted ours and it grows and inch a day.

Sticky Fingers

These are terrific!  I like the Carolina Sauce best.


I have to admit that I love this bright glitter polish my girls are wearing. It’s not for an old lady like me, but I think it’s fun for teenage girls.

Jennifer’s Picks

Stacy Claire Boyd

If your planning a wedding this is the way to go!  Stacy Claire Boyd is now doing custom calligraphy!  These invitations are absolutely amazing!

Dolce Vita

I love these!!!  They just scream spring and fun to me!!!

Spliced by Appy Couple

This app a full feature way to share your engagement and wedding!  I love it!

Grammy Foundation


This is an amazing organization that I found!  As most of you know by now I am a huge advocate for music in the schools and The Grammy Foundation helps kids and schools.  They also have some unbelievable camps that they offer that allow students to be totally immersed in the music world! Check them out!!!






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