C&J’s Picks


Barbara’s Picks

Barney Butter

I am always looking for something to curb my appetite because I have absolutely no willpower when I’m hungry.  Barney’s has a smoother, sweeter taste than the others I have tried.


I have never picked a television show in our weekly picks but I can’t help myself with this new show on NBC. It’s a show about a Broadway show in the making. LOVE it!!!



Bar 111 is a line of clothes at Macy’s that my girls are hooked on right now. If you have a tweenager you know how hard they are to fit. They don’t want the little girls clothes anymore but they are too small to fit in the big girl department.  Bar 111 carries XS sizes that fit that petite girl. Adorable, age appropriate pieces for ages 11-18.


I know I keep touting this Fekkai hair product, but the coiff really does give your hair that “piecey” look. (is that a word)

Jennifer’s Picks

Walleka Ecocicc


This is such a cool line of handbags, apparel and accessories.  I love that it is environmentally friendly too!  Check them out!



I totally love scarves and found this line.  They are perfect even in the summer!

Waxwing Jewelery

With Mother’s day right around the corner I found these and think they are an absolutely lovely idea for any mom!

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars


This is the cutest brand for girls!  They look terrific and sound amazing!  I love the fact that they are now designing fun inspired guitars for girls too!



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