Barbara’s Picks

Table fire Gel Fuel

Boys love to play with fire. I like this for Fathers Day.

Otter Box


I have a son graduating. Someone gave him an otter box and it has, by far, been his favorite gift.

Booster Cables

I gave all my son’s graduating friends jumper cables for their gift.   The guys seem to love them and they are more useful than that stationary they are not compelled to use to often.

Juka Tribe

This album by a friend of mine is just good stuff.   It grows on you the more you listen.  I can’t tell you the genre or type of music because it’s an eclectic mix of every music ever produced. You just have to listen for yourself.

Jennifer’s Picks

Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio is the coolest app and C&J can now be found there!!!   You can listen talk radio shows, live radio and podcasts.  You name it, they have it.

Download the app by clicking this link, {Stitcher},  put in promo code cooneyandjones and follow the directions.  You will have a chance to win $100 not to mention get to listen to some very cool shows anywhere!!!

Briget & Lucy

I came across this site and even though my daughter is way too old to wear theseI fell in love with these cute skirts!




The NEW Polaroid, ZINK /zero ink Technology is so cool…including commercial, consumers and home photo printers.  They also have digital cameras with built-in ZINK printers, and  printers for work in the field.  I am a avid photographer and honestly haven’t tried all of them but can’t wait!



I am totally addicted to tcby!  Love the vanilla and white chocolate moose my husband is a chocolate fan and my son loves any flavor with sprinkles!!!






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