C&J’s Picks


Barbara’s Picks

Who Knew?

I am a sucker for an infomercial sometimes.   This guy who writes these books had me hooked at five this morning.  Besides the recipes, he writes books on household and money saving tips.

Naturally More

I do like the old fashioned Skippy for a PB&J but this natural, more healthy choice is great in protein shakes.

First Note Music Hall

If you are making plans to head to northern florida for spring break check out the First Note Music Hall. It is family friendly and you will be blown away by the talent at this place! I was there is the fall and will make a trip back to the beach just to visit First Note. Buy your tickets early….they WILL sell out. And take your kids if they are old enough to appreciate these unbelievably talented musicians.

Cafe Press

I am still laughing……and if you aren’t then you are in a bad mood or don’t have a sense of humor.   You can buy this hilarious chocolate bunny at cafepress.com.   Or….you can just enjoy the humor and forget the shirt:)

Jennifer’s Picks

Fit Flop


I am so about ease and comfort.  These new styles from fit flop are adorable and always comfortable!  Can’t wait to start wearing them.


The absolute best for taking bath time!  This soothes me and makes my skin feel so soft.  I have used it for years and love it.

All Bran


I have been eating this for a few weeks and what a difference!  I like to mix them together…. Healthy and good!!!

Words with Friends

I have been a little under the weather lately and have started playing words with friends!!!  Oh my how addictive this is!  I love it!



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