No More Cardio

Steve Bottoms

Steve started working in the fitness/nutrition industry in 1970, and have managed or owned several facilities. In 1988 he was a founder and vice president of One To One Personal Fitness. He grew the company to five company stores and four franchises.¬† During this time Steve was the official trainer for the Miss Alabama Pageant. Steve had the privilege of working with thirteen Miss Alabama’s and one Miss America and was also the trainer for the Mrs.Alabama and Teen Miss Alabama. Steve later sold the company that during its tenure¬† had performed over 600,000 personal training sessions. In 1993 he became president of Calibrations, a customized meal plan that was marketed to fitness and weight loss centers across the country. In 2008 he and two partners started Prescription 2 Fitness, a medical wellness and aesthetic center. Since opening we have had over 1800 medical diet patients, performed nearly 20,000 personal training sessions, served 50,000 meals and are the leading provider for the Thermage and Fraxel procedures.



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