The Alicia Project: Alicia Kozakiewicz


From a horrifying tragedy, Alicia has not only found her voice but now speaks to protect and warn children and parents about internet predators.

Her life changed on New Years Day 10 years ago.  A man she thought was her friend spent months {grooming} her.  When she stepped outside to meet him she soon realized he was a 38 year old Monster. He kidnapped, sexually abused, tortured and was about to kill her that day until the FBI luckily found her alive.  Her story is one of caution and hope for us all that use the Internet.  I encourage you to take the time to listen to Alicia and her mother, Mary describe this horrific event that changed their lives forever.  Please share it with your children as a cautionary story they need to know.

Alicia and her mother, Mary are working very hard on To provide the funding to rescue all children from the hands of sadistic sexually exploiting Internet predators. To raise awareness and end predatory crimes against children.

To hear the interview, Click here:  Alicia Kozakiewicz


An innocent child, two weeks before her abduction

I encourage you to visit her facebook page and see all that she is trying to accomplish with Alicia’s Law.

Click on the following for more helpful information:

Alicia Project

Not one more child { Alicia Kozakiewicz and Elizabeth Smart team up to help children}

Internet Safety

Enough is enough





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