Walking after Midnight, The Katy Hutchison Story


On New Year’s Eve 1997, Katy Hutchison’s husband, Bob, was beaten to death while checking on a party being thrown by his neighbor’s son. In this small town in  British Columbia, a wall of silence immediately grew.  No one was talking about how this happened or better yet…who did it.  It was almost five  years before Ryan Aldridge admitted to being responsible for Bob’s death. Ryan was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison.

For Katy her story is just beginning…Little did she know that the man that killed her husband didn’t look or seem like a monster but a regular young guy. Ryan made a terrible decision that night and while she knows that, Katy has chosen to forgive him.  She and Ryan have spent years speaking to children all over on the dangers of drinking and  drugs.

This is a story of courage, compassion and forgiveness. 

Katy has written a book, Walking after Midnight and Lifetime Television based a movie on it, The Bond of Silence.


To hear the interview please click here: Katy Hutchison




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